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Adventure Activities in Kasol

Adventure Activities in Kasol

Himachal offers the best adventure activities for the adventure lovers. It has rivers, lakes, forests, alpine meadows, treacherous passes, snow-peaked high mountains, spread-out valleys, simply ideal for a wide variety of adventure sports. Be it fishing for the mahseer, heli-skiing at sub-zero temperatures, ice-skating at a touristy hillstation, teeing off in salubrious surroundings, feeling free as a bird on a glider, or simply cherishing the joy of camping on a meadow next to a stream the outdoors person will not be found wanting in Himachal Pradesh. No special training is required for most activities, age is no consideration, all you need is a reasonable level of fitness. Equipment, training and instructors are available. And then, all this comes at a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere in the world.

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